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Panel board of e-dictionary, digital camera, mobile phones, calculator.
PVC.PC.PET.AL Plate , Nameplate
These products are printed with polycarbonate, with the advantages of transparency, humidity-proof, oxidation resistance, acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, good air-tightness, easy printing of beautiful pictures and literary; excellent performances of high dissolution point, heat-resistance, high cut and wear resistance, good optical performances. It is ideal material for visual window panel board of information products.
In addition to the performances of ordinary labels, they have the properties of high resistance against wear, aging, corrosion and high quality appearance. These products are widely applied in network products, household electrical appliances, communication products, computer cases, panel of instruments, meters and touch switches, remote control units, etc. They have the integration of practical application and decoration.
Polyester nameplate
Electronics, Electrical UL, CSA Certification Labels
Polyester nameplates are made through printing mold cutting and dustless dropping. The crystal plastic liquid formed is transparent without any contamination. It forms streamlined dome with crystal transparency and beautiful bottom patterns. It is very decorative, giving elegant and graceful appearance and fully embodying high grade product brand.
Such products can be produced with great varieties of film materials with UL or CSA certification, featuring safety, reliability, high-temperature proof, resistance against outdoor hazardous environments, such as chemical corrosion. They can be used as labels of long duration in electronic and electrical products.
Labels for water transferring, heat transferring, press-sensitive, cosmetic and decorative, tattooing paper, rinsing laser, toys
UL588 and 817 Warning Paper
Featuring colorful pictures, excellent smoothness and softness, these products can fully express its good looking and are suitable for external decoration of cars, motorcycles, sports articles, toys, etc. They can also be customized made and can be used as decorations applied in tattooing, beautifying nails and cosmetics to meet different changes.
They are made of the materials suitable for warning labels and operation instructions. With the varieties specified in UL standards as the core, they have high resistance against high temperature, hazardous environment, such as chemical corrosion. They are specially suitable for warnings on lamps, cables and electrical appliances.
Self-adhesive paper for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, daily articles.
Shrink-film tag for batteries, drinks and plastic film IML
They are used for identifying the goods, upgrading the added value of the goods. You can see in daily life that labels are indispensable part of goods. Such labels are made of and printed with non-toxic environment friendly materials, with high water-proof and long storage life and can satisfy different demands of customers on labels.
Such labels are made of and printed with high quality materials, with rich color changes, giving a sense of integration with the objects to be applied to. It can not only describe the products, but also maintain the looking of the products within the service life. It has weather-proof, non-toxic and environment friendly performances.
General self-adhesive labels and bar code of computer serial numbers
This series of labels are for automatic application, heat transfer serial number bar codes, impact printers, manual application, static clinging (e.g. window signs and posters). We can also offer customized services, such as partial sizing, protruding, gilding, double-faced printing, etc.
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